Fight fraud with the best solution on the market

Vene Overwatch X, the mobile carrier industry standard for fraud protection is now available to performance marketing companies, ad-networks and advertisers.

Overwatch’s multilayer approach to fraud-detection detects a large scope of affiliate fraud including Malicious Apps / SDK, Click-Spam, VPN & Proxies, Emulators, Fake Web Crawlers, Duplicate IPs and Fingerprints, Fraud Database, Incentivized traffic, User Agent Spoofing & Emulators and much more.

We identify and protect you from

Malicious Apps / SDK Fraud
Duplicate IPs and Fingerprints
Clickjacking and IFraming

Bots, VPNs & Proxies
Fraud Sources from Database
Suspicious Conversion Peaks

User Agent Spoofing & Emulators
Click Spam & Click injection
Duplicate Subscriptions

and many more

Problems we solve

Quality Traffic and Higher Payouts

Deliver quality traffic and customers.
Get better conversions and payouts.

No trouble with billing providers

Don’t get your services shutdown due to
fraudulent behavior of traffic partners or sub
partners. Reduce refund fees, chargebacks
or even fines due to illicit transactions.

Save Time and Work

No more discussions on traffic quality.
No more providing screenshots and time consuming reports.
Don’t lose your best advertising partners and revenues.

Don’t pay for fraudulent traffic

Get quality customers that you can better
monetize and have high retention.
No incentivized or machine based
traffic that doesn’t pay out.

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